African Elephants

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The power of these animals are impressive. On a recent 4 day Kruger National Park safaris our clients were treated to the sight of two grown elephant bulls fighting on the banks of the Mazithi dam. Ivory clashing, loud splashing and low rumbling grunts echoed through the air. 

Walking with Giraffes

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Just before sunset we went for a walk to the birdhide. Suddenly we realized we were surrounded by giraffes. Adults and younger ones were grazing peacefully on the acacia trees along the river. Then, from behind a female, this baby giraffe stepped out towards us, curiosity got the better of him. His ambilical cord hadn’t dropped yet indicating that he was only a few weeks old. His fluffy horn tuffs caught the last rays and I just had to take a picture, trying to capture the cuteness standing in front of us.

Young lions on the prowl

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While on tour with clients Frank and Lindie Kolver we paid a visit to a reserve in Limpopo. Our focus was on spending as much time in the sunken wildlife and birding hides but having heard from the rangers that a pride of 12 lions were nearby we jumped on the game driver vehicle and set off into the bush. It wasn’t long before we encountered a male, 2 females ans 6 cubs. As it was 5:45am and overcast light was very low for photography but the sighting was wonderful. 

On our way to the hides now we ran into 3 young lions on the hunt. Light conditions improved we did get some shots as they walk passed our vehicle. They were alert and clearly hungry, looking for breakfast. Clients were happy and there was still plenty of time for photography at the hide.  

After a slow start at the hide we couldn’t believe our luck when a herd of buffalo appeared from the bush and approached the hide’s waterhole……


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Enjoying a lazy Sunday afternoon in the Kruger National Park here in South Africa. Join us for a wildlife safari.

Crowned Eagle

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A pair of Crowned Eagles entertained us yesterday on a birding day-trip to Magoebaskloof. The female, which is much larger than the male, gave us a stern stare before continueing preening.

Long-crested Eagle 

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I took two birders out on a day trip last week. We visited Mariepskop. Long-crested Eagle, Gorgeous Bushshrike, Barrats Warbler, Orange Ground Thrush, Yellow-throated Woodland Warbler, Yellow-throated Longclaw, Dusky Indigobird, Yellow-streaked Greenbul  and Dusky Flycatcher was just some of the birds we got. The beautiful forests and incredible view over the Blyde River Canyon make this a popular birders’ and photographers’ destination.


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A pair of Bateleur. During territorial display Bateleurs will raise their folded wings before taking a bow while calling. This picture was taken on one of our recent birding trips through the Kruger National Park.