Victorin’s Scrub-warbler, Knysna, South Africa

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Victorin's Scrub-warbler1Endemic to South Africa, occurring from the Cedarberg mountains to Uitenhage, in the Eastern Cape. It generally prefers moist, rank bush, such as mountain fynbos found along streams. Its feeding habits are little known, but it has been observed foraging on the ground, catching beetles mantids and grasshoppers. Only 3 nests have been found in southern Africa, and interestingly they vary in their descriptions. They all were bowl-shaped, but one was made of dead banana sheathing, the other was built of strips of millet bound with spider web, and the other was made of grass, twigs and leaves. They were lined with soft material and placed in the center of grass tussocks. It lays 2-3 eggs, which are incubated mainly by the female. No information is available about the chicks, other than that they are fed by both parents. (

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