Hi Casper,
We just can’t begin to thank you enough for looking after us so well while we were in Kruger NP.  Not only did you show us so many birds, animals, plants, insects, reptiles, etc., but you also put up with our incessant questions.  We had a wonderful time and we’ll do our best to refer clients to your new business venture.

It is very beautiful here in the Drakensberg.  You’d be very proud of us — we have seen elands and blesbok, and positively identified Red Bishop, Fiscal Shrike, Double Collared Sun Birds, Red winged Starlings, Grey headed sparrows, and Speckled Mousebirds, among others.  Alas, no vultures to date.  We’ve had several great hikes with fantastic scenery.

Wishing you and Johan all the best, and thanks again,
Gale and Jody (USA & New Zeeland), 5 day Kruger Safari, April 2016

Good day Casper,

Our pictures are bringing back great memories of a grand trip.  Thank you again for your expertise and knowledge which made the trip so memorable.

Best regards,

Russ and Doreen Kronback, USA, March 2016

Dear Casper,
Many thanks for a brilliant holiday
Best Wishes
Ros & John Matthews,UK, February 2016

Hi Casper,
We are in London right now.  Wonderful to see our son and grandchildren, but missing SA already. I will email you when we get home and tell you what birds we saw.
We had a great time with you and enjoyed everything very much.
Bye for now.
Steve and Michele


We’ve had a really excellent holiday. You are our ideal bird guide. We very much appreciated not only your expert birding skills, but also your kindness and patience. Thank you.

Every good wish to you and your family

Jane and Don, Oct 2015

Hi Casper,

Many thanks for all that. Now, all emails arrived.

Yes, it was a great trail on Kruger and also a nice day in Josi. And even our flight worked out very well.

Again, thanks very much for that great tour!

Take care and best regards, Matthias & Katharina Hartung, 15 April 2015

14 day Birding tour: Wakkerstroom, Ithala, Ndumo, Thembe, Kosi Bay, Swaziland, Kruger Park

Hi Caspar,

We are back in the Netherlands again after a great holiday in your beautiful South Africa. It was a great experience and pleasure to have you as our guide and are so happy that we met you and your family.
We have very much enjoyed your enthusiasm and love for birds, wildlife and nature and the way you showed us everything. It was really special and we discovered quickly that this was not a common thing. Yes, the people in on our last stay were kind, but their connection to wildlife and nature was a bit different as it was more a routine. If we ever come across people who like to go to the Kruger and looking for a good guide, we will surely recommend you.
Aukelien & Bart-Jan
Netherlands 14-15 March 2015

Hi Casper,

Thanks ! This three days were amazing, we still have all these birds in our eyes. I had a look to your website : great ! We are handling now probably several thousand pictures (the directory uses 63 Go on the HDD) and will send you some when selected and processed. Attached is just a sample (resized and made brighter but with no modification of colours; some noise reduction will be useful in the final treatment). Looking forward to meet you again in South Africa or around.

Kind regards Patrice & Ghislane Nortier, France 23 Oct 2014

Dear Casper,

We hope you have had a good rest with your family. We are back home now, sad for having left your wonderful country, but with plenty of good souvenirs. Thanks for having shared with us those magic moments. We will shortly send some of the pictures, in particular those from the wild dogs.

Kindest regards Pierluigi & Clara, Switzerland 20 Oct 2014

Hi Casper.

We also really enjoyed the day, as did Di,Tevor and Margaret. We look forward to seeing the possible itinerary. Thanks and bye for now.

Michele & Steve Blumberg. 18 Oct 2014

Hi Casper

Thanks again for all your help finding some of the birds we were looking for, as well as lots of other nice birds that we hadn’t seen for some time. I will certainly refer you to other birders from this area who are going up your way. We will just have to come up to Kruger again – but next time in summer!

Kind regards Helene and Ivor, Tygerberg Bird Club, Cape Town. 7 May 2014

Hi Caspar,

We’re just back from our great trip. We really enjoyed the two birding days with you in Kruger and Mariepskop as well as your very warm hospitality of your whole family!. Your knowledge of the birds and the nature is amazing. We learned a lot and saw a lot. Mariepskop is a great please and far from any standard tourist route. Many thanks for that great experience! It would be great if you could send me the itinerary for your other tours as well.

Take care and kind regards Matthias Hartung, Germany 1 May 2014

“A list that typifies the chanciness of birding! Sheer luck on great rarities like African Finfoot that was seen exceptionally well and photographed in an atypical habitat. Other rarities were due to persistence (e.g. African Emerald Cuckoo) or persistence and expert local knowledge. Unseasonable dry weather at Ndumo and pouring rain at Marieskop led to many fewer birds than expected at these sites. Inevitably there are some missing common birds that should have been seen but eluded us despite our best efforts .  All credit to Casper Badenhorst for choosing an excellent itinerary and for being an exemplary and knowledgable companion. A list of 400+ is quite acceptable!” 

Dr Jeremy Robertson, School of Biological Sciences, Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia. 2-14 Feb 2014   Click here: Jeremy’s List

“Well I loved it- Casper was a joy. His eyesight incredible. It was peaceful – it was new and wonderfully exciting- which made Casper smile. I was hooked. I could not have written a more perfect day. “ Helen Bate, France. Dec 2013

“I will really recommend him. He is very knowledgeable about the area and his subject. Not only the birds, but also the animals. A day with Casper as our guide is so much more successful than a day without him.” Mattie van Rooyen, Johannesburg, South Africa. 2013

“Thank you most sincerely for making our visit to Hoedspruit so very special. We enjoyed the lovely setting of the Wildlife Estate and the Gem Bateleur Lodge, the wonderful visits to Mariepskop and our beloved Kruger Park, our exciting bird and animal sightings. Thank you for the way you helped us to make the most of these experiences” Steve and Ingrid van Heerden, South Africa. 2013

2 thoughts on “FEEDBACK

    Ian Calderwood & David Heath said:
    April 16, 2014 at 8:17 pm

    We had a great couple of days with Casper who found us a few new birds, almost all were new for Dave. The weather beat us at Mariepskop as it rained in the afternoon causing us to leave the mountain early and missing some target birds. We did manage to get a very hard to find bird, a Gorgeous Bush Shrike which proved to be quite photogenic as it posed for a few minutes.
    I will have to make a return visit to the mountain with Casper to see the birds we missed and hope the weather is better.

    Thierry Smallegange said:
    April 29, 2014 at 8:59 pm

    Our birdwatching trip the 14th of april with Casper on the Olifants River was great. He is a wonderful birdspotter, with a enormous knowledge of the local birds and good company. Thanks Casper, for a fantastic morning!

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