Raptors in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

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These White-back vultures, silouetted against the sky, breed in the Estate.

Up to date I have located three active nests.

This Wahlberg’s Eagle perched near the Heron dam in the estate.

Animal sightings in Kruger

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I believe birders actually see more animals than those looking for animals only. Maybe because our birding eyes are constantly looking for movement, colour and familiar shapes among the scrub, below and in trees and in the sky. Here are some animals I saw recently while birding in Kruger.

Birding in Hoedspruit Wildlife Estate

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On the way to work, shopping or just running errands there is always time to bird watch while driving in and out of the estate. This Carmine bee-eater was sitting in the road so I couldn’t really miss it.

This beautiful European Roller let me come real close. The wind was playing through his powder blue feathers.

Birds: Day trips to Kruger

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In little more than an hour’s drive one can be at the Orpen gate of the Kruger National Park, either from Hoedspruit or Sekororo.

I came across this Saddle bill stork in the Sabie river. He was dashing around the river as if doing a dance. There must have been small fish trapped in the shallow water. Here are some pics of this handsome and large bird.

Lizard Buzzard

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There is this Lizard Buzzard that visit the garden on a weekly basis. Sometimes staying a few days. He’s favourite perch is in the Jackalberry tree overlooking the garden. When he/she is around the garden obviously becomes a bit quiet. All the birds are on alert and move from thicket to thicket instead of flying in the open and becoming a target. I guess they view all raptors as a threat no matter what may or may not be on the raptor’s menu.

The Buzzard has become accustomed to us being around and it doesn’t mind the children playing below his perch any more. Hopefully your visit and the Lizard Buzzard’s will be on the same day.

Ground Hornbill

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Seem like the numbers of Ground hornbill are increasing outside the Kruger Park. I’ve seend two family groups recently on gameĀ  farms near Gravelotte. Hope the farmers realize how endangered these birs are and how slow they breed.