birdwatching south africa

Walking with Giraffes

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Just before sunset we went for a walk to the birdhide. Suddenly we realized we were surrounded by giraffes. Adults and younger ones were grazing peacefully on the acacia trees along the river. Then, from behind a female, this baby giraffe stepped out towards us, curiosity got the better of him. His ambilical cord hadn’t dropped yet indicating that he was only a few weeks old. His fluffy horn tuffs caught the last rays and I just had to take a picture, trying to capture the cuteness standing in front of us.

Blue Cranes

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The Blue Crane is the national bird of South Africa. I took this picture of two birds doing a courtship dance from a flock of over a hundred birds which we found near Swellendam in the Western-cape recently.

Barred Owlet, South Africa

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These beautiful little owlets are regularly seen on the Kruger Park 6 to 18 day trips