Kruger National Park


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A pair of Bateleur. During territorial display Bateleurs will raise their folded wings before taking a bow while calling. This picture was taken on one of our recent birding trips through the Kruger National Park. 

Armur Falcon, South Africa

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Red-footed Kestrel

Palearctic breeding migrant, undertaking a roughly 11 000 km long trip, departing from its Asian breeding grounds from August-September, first arriving in southern Africa in November (later towards the south of its distribution) and leaving in the period from April-May.

It almost exclusively eats arthropods, caught either from a perch or by hovering and repeatedly diving into a large swarm of prey (such as a termite alate emergence).

Tawny Eagle, Kruger National Park, South Africa

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Booted EagleJuvenile Tawny Eagle near Satara Camp in the Kruger National Park